Mechanistic Aspects of Activation and Preparative Applications of Organic Peroxides and Molecular Oxygen in Regio- and Stereoselective Synthesis

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The research interest in this area concern oxygen, sulfur and nitrogen transfer through oxidation processes of organic and metallorganic compounds, of which oxyfunctionalizations constitute the major effort. For this purpose, molecular oxygen and hydrogen peroxide with its derivatives (hydroperoxides, perhydrates, peroxy acids, acyl peroxides, dioxiranes, dioxetanes, etc.) are used directly or are being activated chemically and/or photochemically to perform chemo-, regio- and stereoselective stoichiometric oxidations (catalytic ones are the subject of MINI-CAT). Selectivity, particularly diastereoselectivity, is achieved through the synergism of electronic, steric and stereoelectronic effects with conformational control (allylic, geminal and peri strain). The purpose of this work is to understand the mechanisms of oxidation processes in an effort to design more selective, efficient and convenient transformations for preparative purposes.

Oxyfunctionalizations with molecular oxygen deal mainly with photooxygenations, in which singlet oxygen is produced either through photosensitization or chemical reactions (arene endoperoxides, transition-metal peroxo complexes, etc.) to perform selective oxidations ([4+2] and [2+2] cycloaddition, ene reactions, hetero-atom oxidations). Of these transformations with singlet oxygen, the synthetically most valuable is the ene reaction (Schenk reaction), which has received our most concentrated attention. In this way, valuable and time-saving syntheses of optically active building blocks and natural products have been developed from simple electron-rich and electron-poor olefins. Stereocontrol (erythro or threo) is achieved through a perepoxide-like transition-state structure in the ene reaction, in which p-facial preference is dictated in electron-rich olefins by conformational alignment through 1,3-allylic strain and attractive interactions through hydrogen bonding (threo control) or electrostatic and steric repulsions (erythro control); stereoelectronic factors (Houk model) operate for eletron-poor substrates, which override hydrogen-bonding effects to provide threo selectivity. It is all a question of whether exiplex formation between singlet oxygen and the olefinic substrate is rate-determining or not (Display A).

Enantioselectivity is achieved through the use of appropriate chiral auxiliaries (Porter-Kanemasa, Evans, etc.), for which steric factors are decisive. Most recent efforts attempt to generate "chiral" singlet oxygen through the thermal retro-cleavage of optically active arene endoperoxides to perform asymmetric oxyfunctionalizations directly.

In the chemical activation of hydrogen peroxide (catalytic transition-metal-activated processes are the subject of MINI-CAT) for selective oxyfunctionalizations most of our efforts concern dioxiranes, but perhydrates and peroxy acids also receive attention. Dioxiranes are conveniently prepared from ketones by treatment with Caroate and isolated as ketone solutions by distillation [cf. publication No. 373 for the preparation of dimethyldioxirane (DMD)]. When the substrate and oxidized product tolerates aqueous conditions, the in-situ procedure is preferred (cf. publication No. 347). A large variety of electron-rich and electron-poor substrates may be oxyfunctionalized by DMD, which includes epoxidations (p bonds), hydroxylations (s bonds) and hetero-atom oxidations (lone pairs), of which representative examples are given in Display B. Unquestionably, dioxiranes are valuable oxidants in organic synthesis.

Most recently also enantioselective oxidations, especially epoxidations, have been achieved through the use of optically active ketones from the sugar and TADDOL ex-chiral pool or of the binaphthol type. C2 symmetry provides particularly effective steric control in the attack of the chiral dioxirane upon the prochiral substrate. The concerted mechanism of oxygen-atom transfer applies, the favored (by ca. 7 kcal/mol) transition-state geometry entails the spiro "butterfly" arrangement rather than the planar one (Display C).

Sulfur-atom transfer directly to olefins constitutes a recent pursuit in our intentions to develop selective reactions. These efforts have been kindled by our discovery that certain thioozonides episulfidize diastereoselectively strained olefins (norbornene, trans-cyclooctene, etc.) to afford in good yields the corresponding thiiranes. A more convenient direct episulfidation route entails photochemical activation of sulfines (thione oxides) in the presence of strained olefins, in which sulfur-atom transfer in up to 90% yields have been achieved. Presumably, in-situ-generated oxathiiranes are the active sulfur-atom-transferring species. However, on thermal activation, the sulfines episulfidize trans-cyclooctene through the intermediary sultenes, formed by 1,3-dipolar addition of the sulfines to the olefin. The episulfidation chemistry is shown in Display D.

Most recent efforts deal with the challenging prospects of the nitrogenation of organic compounds. In view of the mechanistic kinship of triazoline-3,5-diones (TAD's) in their enophilic reactivity to singlet oxygen (both engage three-membered-ring dipolar intermediates, perepoxide-like for 1O2 and the aziridinium-imine-like for TAD's), the ene reaction is exploited to introduce the nitrogen functionality. The use of chiral auxiliaries (Porter-Kanemasa, Evans, etc.) allows asymmetric azetation through steric control (Display E). The resulting urazoles are subsequently transformed into amino groups through reduction methods. Since this has been traditionally a difficult problem, new methods have been searched for to release the amino functionality from the urazole.


Most recently, nitrosoarenes (ArNO) have been employed to introduce nitrogen functionalities into olefins through the ene reaction.

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Excellent threo selectivity (d.r. > 90:10) was achieved in the 1O2 ene reaction of chiral, electron-rich alcohols with 1,3-allylic strain, in which hydrogen bonding by the allylic hydroxy functionality directs p-facial control, rationalized in terms of the perepoxide-like structured exciplex 1.

While chiral allylic amines, like above, display high threo selectivity (d.r. > 95:5), their di-Boc derivatives show high erythro preference (d.r. > 95:5) through steric and electrostatic p-facial differentiation (cf. transition state structure 2); this valuable synthetic methodology was utilized in an efficient synthesis of the optically active natural product merucathin (3).

Chiral electron-poor olefins with 1,3-allylic strain also undergo a threo-selective ene reaction with 1O2, but Houk's stereoelectronic effect applies (cf. transition-state geometry 4) rather than hydrogen bonding (when X = H); this stereocontrol was employed in the to date most efficient asymmetric synthesis of mahuba lactone (5).

The ene reaction of triazoline-3,5-diones and tiglic amides 6 with Porter-Kanemasa chiral auxiliaries has been shown to proceed in perfect diastereoselectivity to provide, after hydrolysis of the oxazolidine moiety, nitrogen-functionalized products in high optical purity. For the first time, opposite diastereoselectivities have been observed for mCPBA (like due to hydrogen bonding) versus dimethyldioxirane (unlike due to steric effects).

The [4+2] cycloaddition of 1O2, the smallest possible dienophile, to sorbic amides 7 with Porter-Kanemasa chiral auxiliaries proceeds completely diastereoselecitivity to afford, after reductive cleavage of the peroxide bond, oxyfuntionalized products in high optical purity.

Application of our stereochemical probe 8 to the epoxidation by perhydrates allowed to assess that the transition-state geometry (cf. structure 9) in this oxygen transfer is analogous to that of peroxy acids (high threo selectivity).

The corresponding dioxirane of the TADDOL-derived C2-symmetric ketone 10 was shown to be an effective enantioselective epoxidant of prochiral olefins and hydroxylating agent of prochiral enol ethers with ee values up to 90%.

By means of the cyclopropylcarbinyl radical clock and complete diastereoselective epoxidation of trans-cyclooctene it was unequivocally established that these oxygen transfers are concerted rather than radical type processes; the spiro-structured "butterfly" transition state 11 applies.

The perfect (100%) retention of configuration in the hydroxylation of S(+)-2-phenylbutane proves that this CH insertion proceeds through the concerted transition state 12 instead of radicals (oxygen-rebound mechanism).

A new oxidative method for the direct transformation of nitroarenes to phenols has been developed by first generating the Meisenheimer adduct through the addition of carbanions to the nitroarene and subsequent treatment with dimethyldioxirane; in the latter oxidation the phenol yield is improved significantly by trace amounts of water.

Optically active dioxiranes, generated in situ from the fructose-derived ketone 13, have been employed for the enantioselective desymmetrization of meso and d,l diols and their cyclic acetal derivatives into optically active a-hydroxy ketones.

By means of high-level computational methods, the threo selectivity due to hydrogen bonding between the hydroxy group of the allylic alcohol 14 (stereochemical probe, competition between 1,3- and 1,2-allylic strain) and the peracid has been rationalized mechanistically.

The thioozonide 14, readily available by photooxygenation of the corresponding thiophene through [4+2] cycloaddition, is the first efficient sulfur-transfer agent for the direct episulfidation of strained alkenes (e.g. trans-cyclooctene, norbornene). Oxathiiranes have been postulated as the active sulfur-functionalizing species in this stereoselective process (complete retention of the olefin configuration).

Oxathiiranes 15, generated in situ through the known photochemical cyclization of sulfines, have been used for the efficient direct episulfidation of strained alkenes, a process of considerable preparative value.

Thermally persistent sultenes 16 have been prepared by the 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of sulfines to trans-cyclooctene and shown to serve as effective episulfidation agents under acid catalysis.

Research Activities - Highlights - Methods - Selected Publications


Photooxygenation; product studies; stereolabeling; trapping and radical-clock experiments; kinetics: X-ray structure determinations; 600-MHz NMR spectroscopy; optical resolution.

Research Activities - Highlights - Methods - SelectedPublications

Research Activities - Highlights

Selected Publications:


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